Our Foundation, due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation, provides its wards and supplies medical masks with a high degree of protection against infections.
These are medical masks with a high degree of protection against splashes, microparticles, microdrops, dust. Prevents the spread of viral infection. Three layer structure. Fastens with elastic loops to the ears and fits tightly on the face.
Earloop medical masks with delivery to your home

You need only purchase medical masks in
enough quantity, and inform us, where you
ready take these goods.

Our courier will call you with 1 day.
10 days delivery
How to pay?
Our site give a service for a purchasing a medical masks, gloves, etc in enough quantity. The cost of the goods is indicated in the currency - Russian rubles, however, you pay for purchases as usual, in the currency convenient for you - Euro or USD. You just know, that 1 Euro now - it's a 81 RUR.
How to buy?
If you need a 50 medical masks - just a choose same quantity in table below.
If you need large party, for example, 10.000 Pcs for lower price, you could send a inquiry on E-Mail: info@diabetfond.ru
Your economy
The more masks you buy, the lower the price for one piece, as their delivery is added to the cost of goods.
SKU: 700.954.29
High-quality medical masks with protection against the spread of viruses. Three-layer structure and special shape, non-woven materials tightly fit the face.
The cost of the masks is indicated in rubles, at the rate of 84 rubles = 1 Euro
Talaiadvir Capsules with Fah Talai Jone for prevention SARS and coronavirus

Natural herb in capsules for effectively boost ummune system. For 4 times everyday.
Talaiadvir Capsules
SKU: 700.954.30
The Talaiadvir Capsules is a Fah Talai Jone extract.
Strong immunity and mineral complex - is a key for a against for a coronavirus.
Best of natural herbs for prevention SARS and coronavirus. Drink one capsule 4 times everyday to prevent disease. Can use from seven years old children.
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